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Splash/Plunge Class

Class for Elementary & Youth will be held on Wednesday, August 9 at 6:30pm. 


Sunday, August 20 followed by Celebration lunch after 11am service


Peninsula is excited to offer Splash/Plunge for those in elementary through high school who have made a decision to follow Christ, but have not been baptized yet! Our all new Splash/Plunge program is a three step process:

First, children/teens and parents will join us for an interactive class where we will look at what following Jesus is all about and how we live for him on a day to day basis. Parents will also have a break-out period within the class to write a special blessing for their child/teen.

Second, your child/teen will be baptized as a part of the services on the Sunday following the Splash/Plunge class! This will be a special time of celebration for you and your family!

Third, families will be given invitations to invite family, friends, Awana, iConnect and Connect Group leaders to join in a celebration of their child/teen's decision (or your decision if you are an adult). We want you to invite anyone who has had a part in your spiritual journey (if an adult) or your child/teen's spiritual journey. We call this the Celebration Luncheon! It will take place after the service where you or your child/youth is baptized.  Baptism will be during 11am service and luncheon follows imediately after service for child/teen, parents/guardians, and other influential people in your life (if adult) or the life of your child/teen that you invite to attend.


Adults -- Currently there is no Baptism class for Adults, but this will be coming in the near future.  Adults are more than welcome to be baptized the same day as teens or children. Be sure to fill out the form below and you will be contacted one of the staff/pastors.

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